3 Must-Do Activities for Michiganders this Weekend

by K.M. Zahrt

Here comes another holiday weekend. There’s a lot of pressure. Tuesday morning everyone is going to ask you what you did this weekend. Nobody wants to be the fool who says, “Not much,” or “I don’t remember,” or “Gollie, it just went by too fast.” (By the way, don’t ever say “gollie.”) Here’s three ways to make sure you get your holiday weekend done right, so you know exactly what to say on Tuesday morning:

1.  “I hit the water.”


This is Michigan, for God’s sake. We don’t need to tout our “ten-thousand lakes” on our licences plates like some states–looking at you Minnesota. Michigan has an amazing network of lakes and rivers. We don’t need to showboat it. Michigan has more than 11,000 anyway, just saying. Michiganders know. Michiganders also know we might not have many more chances to get out the kayak, pontoon, or fishing boat in weather that doesn’t require one to dress like an Eskimo. The weather’s been beautiful, albeit humid, lately. No excuses. Hit the water.

2.  “I hit the links.”


Time’s running out. Enough said. There are more than 800 public golf courses in Michigan, so yes, there’s one near you. Get out the plaid shorts and the pastel-colored polo and get it done.

3.  “I hit the brew pub.”


If I need to explain to you why you need to get in a trip to one of Michigan’s microbreweries this weekend, you probably should just head over to Minnesota anyway. There are more than 100 microbreweries in Michigan. It’s not rocket science. Get a buddy or two. Take a seat at the bar. Simply say, “Give me your newest creation.” And enjoy!

Shoot, two out of these three will do. And here’s a bonus–another activity you should seriously consider getting in this weekend:

Bonus: The Housework

I’m serious about this. We are right around the corner from Detroit Tigers playoff games, from Spartan and Wolverine football, from Lions football, from trips to the apple orchard and hay rides, and from the holidays. You’re going to be glad you got it done this weekend, so you’ll be free. Don’t be the one saying, “I didn’t make it to that Tigers’ World Series game, because I had to install a light fixture in the dining room before Thanksgiving gets here.” That won’t be you. Right? The return on investment will be worth it.


Graphics by Midwest Lint. Support local. Get over there and buy a Michigan-themed shirt!


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