Thanksgiving with Pop-Pop

Thanksgiving_with_Pop-Pop 1000
To quell all the questions like: “When will the Pop-Pop stories be released?” and “How do I get me some more Pop-Pop?” and “How much for your Pop-Pop? I got the cash if you got the stash.” And so on. Thanksgiving with Pop-Pop is back by popular demand!

This collection of short tales, which originally appeared on The Fly Came Near It: An Online Journal for and by Michiganders, is now available at

If you’re unfamiliar with Pop-Pop, please see the full description below or read the brief, free sample “Pop-Pop Explains the Origin of Halloween.”

Other Ways to Support Pop-Pop

If you enjoy the work and you put a high value on writing and you want to encourage writers to keep writing and you don’t believe purchasing a book at such a low price adequately represents that value, you can make a one-time, reader-to-author gift to make up the difference. Send your gift via PayPal to Include “Pop-Pop” as the memo.


You can post a (hopefully positive) review on to help others understand the value you see in Pop-Pop.

Thanks and enjoy!


Tommy Tyler asks his eccentric grandfather, Pop-Pop, to tell stories at the Thanksgiving table. Against the wishes of Tommy’s mother and grandmother, Pop-Pop dishes out four tales not suitable for a young boy nor reverent for Thanksgiving conversation. He tells of the town’s people acting greedily and jealously, committing crimes and adultery, and attempting suicide.

WHISKY – Sheriff Wilburn bets his reputation on his new rescue dog, Whisky, in an effort to settle, once and for all, his longstanding cold war with Fire Marshall Don Tay.

REVEREND BOERSMA – Popular pastor, Reverend Boersma, becomes too popular for his own good. Elder Thomas sets out to take him down a peg.

GREAT GRAND-POP SCHICHTE – Great Grand-Pop Schichte makes a mess of the immigration process, then defies Prohibition to establish a new local tradition.

FANNY VAN ASSE – Devout and religious Fanny Van Asse struggles to commit suicide without losing salvation.


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