Next Stop: Saturn Booksellers, Gaylord, Michigan

by K.M. Zahrt

Believe it or not, the wife and I do find time to work full-time jobs. I know that sounds crazy with all of our shenanigans, but it’s true. In recent years, my wife’s job has required a bit of travel, some of which has been around Our Fair Lady of the Mitten. Recently, she was required at a little hamlet to our north known as Gaylord, Michigan.

After we took the dog through the trails of beautiful Otsego Lake State Park

Gaylord 3

And after we viewed the elk from Gaylord’s City Elk Park


…it was time to settle down and look for the local bookstore. Anchoring a strip of classic, Michigan-style downtown shops on Main Street is where you’ll find 2007 Michigan Retailer of the Year for small businesses, Saturn Booksellers.

Gaylord 1

Saturn Booksellers
 has great ambiance, great coffee, and a large selection of books by Michiganders, all of which I look for in a local bookstore. The store has an otherwise limited selection, but the savvy proprietors of this shop turn that weakness into a strength by carefully selecting their titles. I was impressed by how many books by my favorite, more obscure authors found space on their shelves. And their helpful staff were quick to inform me, if I found a title missing, they would be sure to retrieve it quickly.

Now that I’m thinking about it all, the wife and I need to take the dog back up there for another weekend getaway sometime soon. We hope to see you there!


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