Happy Thanksgiving from Michiganders Post!

Free Michigander E-HandTurkey Refrigerator Cling-Art!
Here’s a e-HandTurkey of a true Michigander:


We know you will be proud of this image and you will inevitably want to hang it on your refrigerator. Here are some important instructions to follow for doing so:

  1. Bring this image up on your tablet.
  2. Securely affix your tablet to your refrigerator with adhesive. Note: Michiganders Post strongly recommends applying a thick layer of superglue to the back of your tablet and pressing your tablet firmly in place for no less than three to four hours, which–luckily for you–will give you something to do while you wait for your turkey to finish roasting and for the Lions’ game to start. Michiganders Post is not responsible for any damage to tablets affixed improperly.
  3. Take a picture with your smartphone of your tablet displaying our e-HandTurkey on your refrigerator and email it to TheFlyCameNearIt@gmail.com. The best picture will receive a prize to be named later.

Prove Your Fanhood – A Lions Thanksgiving Day Drinking Game
Are you fan enough? How much does a Lions’ win or loss impact the rest of your Thanksgiving Day? Here’s how you can find out:

  1. Buy a bottle of a Michigan-made liquor. We’re assuming the Lions will win, but just in case, a good bottle of a Michigan-made liquor can help ward off the Black Friday Blues. For Vodka, try Grand Traverse DistilleryHard Luck, or Valentine. For whiskey, try New Holland Artisan Spirits or Traverse City Whiskey Company.
  2. Every time the Lions do one of the following you MUST take a shot:
    • Throw an incomplete pass
    • Commit a penalty
    • Punt the ball away
    • Turn the ball over
    • Leave the Red Zone without a touchdown
  3. Now, root for the Lions to play well–as if your holiday, and perhaps your entire weekend, depends on it–because, if you’re fan enough, it most likely does.

Happy Thanksgiving and go Lions. Oh, and let us know how it all goes!


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