About that Michigan List Challenge…

by Brandon James Anderson

Let me preface things by stating I’m not one to do online “quizzes” or “challenges.” I don’t need some poorly written eight-question survey telling me what Sex and the City character I am (I can figure out I’m a Miranda on my own…). But if the quiz/survey is actually interesting, I’ll partake.

Such was the case last night when I came across a good number of people in my Facebook feed posting and commenting about a Michigan-themed questionnaire from the website, List Challenges. Though the website gives you the option of sharing your results with friends on Facebook, it appears that in actuality all that gets posted to your wall is a link to the challenge itself sans one’s own “score.”

I took a few minutes of my time to click on the pictures of things that are tourist attractions in Michigan and ended up with a score of 57/100. Not bad, I suppose.

Then again, had this list included some of its glaring omissions, my score (as well as the score of most Michiganders) would be much higher. The city of Muskegon is deemed a tourist attraction in and of itself, but where is nearby Michigan’s Adventure on this list? Heck, it should be listed twice (it is two parks for the price of one, after all).

All three Detroit casinos are included yet Mt. Pleasant’s Soaring Eagle Casino, a hallmark rite of passage for many an 18-year-old Michigander, doesn’t make the cut? What about other rites of passage such as running into Kid Rock at a bar? Sure, it’s never happened to me personally, but I know no-less-than six people who claim to have achieved this feat.

And on a more serious note, how can one actually make a list of 100 Michigan tourist attractions and not include a single brewery or winery? I can see my beloved Thunder Bay Winery in Alpena not making the cut, but famed Kalamazoo brewery, Bell’s? C’mon…

The city of Ann Arbor (rightfully) appears a number of times between the city itself, the University of Michigan, and the city’s Art Fair being listed as a tourist event. But what about the annual Back to the Bricks car cruise in downtown Flint? None of the major festivals that occur in Traverse City made the cut, either.

Am I spending too much time complaining about a survey I chose to take of my own freewill after stating I don’t like partaking in them? Absolutely. But, complaints aside, if this survey challenge’s burst in popularity this week has taught us anything, it’s that the fair state of Michigan has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike.


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