A Lions’ Christmas Elegy

by Evan Wildey

(Note: The following is a non-qualifying, example entry for our “A Dickens Christmas Contest” by our Business Manager. Entries are closed. Look for the winning post to appear on Michiganders Post tomorrow, Friday, December 20.)

It was the best of Christmas, it was the worst of Christmas.
The Lions were winning, we were all in shock;
The North was theirs, the Vikes it was not.
For once, on Christmas the Leos would matter,
And not as spoiler, but as a contender.
Wrapped like a present under the tree,
The Bears and Pack turned to backup QBs.

But then the worst happened, it all fell apart;
The Lions looked lost and Schwartz, not smart.
A Thanksgiving win gave us glory to bask,
But the Steelers and Bucs took us to task.
A blizzard and then a long kick for the win
Left the Lions and fans frustrated again.

This Christmas will now be like so many before,
Watching our Lions, once again, a chore.


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