What Michigan Could Learn from Europe, Part 2 (Coffee, the Three B’s, and Waffles)

Michiganders Evan and Stephanie Wildey from Grand Rapids recently traveled to Europe over the holidays to visit Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, and Paris. The following is the second installment of their conversation about some things they would like to see implemented in Michigan.

Stephanie Wildey: We need to serve our coffee with wafers. Or chocolate. It would be a big improvement. There are so many places that do coffee well. In GR, we have Madcap, Lantern, Roasters, The Bitter End, and others, but it is such a nice touch. Whenever you order coffee, you get a nice buttery wafer or a piece of chocolate with it.

Evan Wildey: It was great to have a little something to go with your coffee.

SW: They do food service right.

Bars, Beers, and Bathrooms
W3EW: I liked having a neighborhood bar and café we could go to that was right down the street. I also enjoyed getting a piece of cheese with my beer. That was great. That’s something we should implement here, although I learned I’m a Michigan beer snob. I was glad to have an Odd Side Ales’ brew once we got back. Michigan beer is still the best.

SW: All of the beers were served in special glasses with the names of the beers on them. That is rare here. It didn’t matter what neighborhood bar we went to, they were all like that. And you had to pay for water at most restaurants, so it was economically inviting to buy beer.

EW: I would like beer to be cheaper than water here, but I enjoy free water.

SW: I also enjoy free bathrooms. If only I had 50 cents for every time I had to ask if we had enough money to go to the bathroom, I would be rich.

EW: Let’s leave that one in Europe. Paying for the bathroom is not fun.

Waffleswaffle truck
SW: I could go for another waffle right now.

EW: The waffles were amazing. If you’re ever in Belgium, get the waffles from the waffle van. We should open a waffle van here.

SW: We found the stereotypes of Belgium to be true: great beer, great chocolate, and great waffles.


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