On Lions’ Hire (Part 1): “Let’s give Caldwell a chance.”

by Evan Wildey


No one likes to get shot down by someone that they want. It’s not fun. I’m sure it wasn’t fun for the Ford family to have their private jet ready to fly to San Diego to pick up Ken Whisenhunt only for him to keep them waiting and eventually to not come at all. That must have been humbling. No one likes to get humiliated like that. Thousands of Lions fans are feeling the same way.

If Whisenhunt is the best candidate, why didn’t he want to com here to coach Calvin, Stafford, and Suh? There’s a lot of talent on this team, which is something we haven’t been able to say often as Lions fans. When it seems like it should work out but doesn’t, it’s not fun either.

caldwellNow, we must move on. Jim Caldwell seems like a nice guy. He’s the opposite of Jim Schwarz in many ways. Schwarz was fiery; Caldwell is stoic. Schwarz was loud; Caldwell is soft spoken. Schwarz was a defensive guy; Caldwell is a quarterback “guru.” You get the idea. Whisenhunt was apparently these things too, but with one big difference. He didn’t want to come to Detroit. He would have if he didn’t have other options, but he didn’t want to be here. Caldwell does.

As a fan, that is all I can ask for. A coach that will put in the work, who wants to be here and to be a part of the Lions, of Detroit, and of Michigan. So, before you give up on next season or say you will never watch the Lions again, let’s embrace him as our coach as someone who is looking forward to moving to Michigan. Patience and sports fans usually don’t go together, but let’s give Caldwell a chance before we judge him. Remember, like Caldwell, three out of the four head coaches still in this year’s playoffs were fired from their first head-coaching jobs. It’s safe to say that, if Caldwell takes the Lions deep into the playoffs, a whole lot of people will be glad we got “stuck” with our second choice.


One thought on “On Lions’ Hire (Part 1): “Let’s give Caldwell a chance.”

  1. I think we saw why Schwarz is a good coach, bringing the Lions back from 0-16 obscurity to almost playoff caliber, but I think we also saw why Schwarz was not a great coach. We saw that he doesn’t have the champion instinct to hold games out of reach for opponents. He may get there, but he’s not there yet. Too many late-game foibles proved that to be true. Unfortunately, I’m not sure Caldwell has the champion instinct either. We’ll see.

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