The Great (Frozen) Lake State


This satellite image of Lakes Superior, Huron, and Erie being frozen over appeared on the front page of Reddit earlier this week.

by Brandon James Anderson

It’s breaking news to absolutely no one in Michigan that it has been cold this winter. Really cold. Throughout the winter season Michiganders — and many in the Midwest and Northeast — have faced subzero wind chills, subzero temperatures, record-setting seasonal snowfall, multiple Alberta Clippers, and multiple-named storm systems.

And, of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that infamous polar vortex from earlier this year, of which another one has apparently returned this week.

Just another winter day in the Mitten...

Just another winter day in the Mitten…

From a historical standpoint, three Michigan schools appear on The Weather Channel’s list of America’s Top 25 Snowiest Colleges and Universities: my alma mater CMU, U of M, and EMU. All three schools average 50+ inches of snowfall a season, yet southeast Michigan had already accumulated that much snow by the end of January.

Given how particularly brutal this season has been, it’s no wonder that the top autocomplete suggestion when typing in “Why is Michigan so” into a Google search is the word “cold.”

The continual freezing weather has frozen over many of Michigan’s lakes including some of those great ones. In fact, a time-lapsed video from Time shows just how cold it really has been.

Indeed, it’s been a rough and long winter. And with more snow in the forecast for this weekend as we roll into March, it looks like Old Man Winter won’t be leaving us quite yet. On the bright side, at least Michigan doesn’t boast the coldest city on earth


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