#IveHadBiggerPranks Contest

Jeff Rice Cover FinalIn honor of April Fool’s month and the publication of Jeff Rice’s book of pranks, I’ve Had Bigger and Other Things My Wife SaidThe Fly Came Near It and Michiganders Post are proud to announce the #IveHadBiggerPranks Contest!

Have you participated in, witnessed, or been the victim of the biggest prank ever? If so, we invite you to enter your story for a chance to win a signed copy of I’ve Had Bigger and certified bragging rights as perpetrator (or victim) of the biggest prank.

It’s easy. Send us a description of the prank. If you can, include a photo to help build your case, but it’s not required.

If you participated in the prank, you can disguise the names of perpetrators to protect the pranksters (Pranksters Code of Honor: Never confess. Ever). Or, if you were the victim, you can include the names of perpetrators to get even.

Ways to Submit:
1. Email us your submission to TheFlyCameNearIt@gmail.com with the subject line: #IveHadBiggerPranks
2. Tweet us your submission @MichPost using the hashtag: #IveHadBiggerPranks
3. Send us your submission on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheFlyCameNearIt and use the hashtag: #IveHadBiggerPranks

Entries will be accepted now through Friday, April 18. The winner and honorable mentions will be announced on Michiganders Post on Monday, April 21.

“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!” –Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak 



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