Review: ‘Daisy and Josephine’ by Melissa Gilbert (2014)

by Katie Heid


Published on January 21, 2014

People often ask if I’ve read any good books lately. Of course I have! Goodnight Moon. Go, Dog. Go! And don’t forget the classic, Green Eggs and Ham.

Being a working mom of an eight-year-old and a three-year-old doesn’t leave me with much leisurely reading time (Books? You know, those things you read cover-to-cover without numerous interruptions and finish in less than a six-month timespan?). That’s why Daisy and Josephine seemed like the perfect fit for me. This children’s book is written by Melissa Gilbert, the Hollywood actress who played half-pint Laura Ingalls Wilder on the Little House on the Prairie television series. Interestingly enough, Gilbert now boasts Howell, Michigan, as her home.

Gilbert’s book follows the adventures of six-year-old Daisy, a precocious little girl who travels the world with her entertainer father. However, their busy traveling schedule doesn’t provide what Daisy needs most: a close friend.  Enter Josephine, a French bulldog dog given to Daisy by her father. But Josephine is no ordinary dog. She can speak (in French, no less) and also possesses great taste in fashion. Together, the two cultivate a friendship.

If you think this book is just for girls, think again. I read Daisy and Josephine to my rambunctious boys, and they remained captivated from start to finish. My son declared it “cool,” which is second-grade talk for “two thumbs up.”

Daisy and Josephine is a great read for preschool kids through the elementary years. And, in all fairness to parents, it’s a book they could read frequently and avoid the hair-pulling that often comes with reading their children’s books over and over…and over. It’s a wonderful addition to your bookshelves — right next to the Little House books and DVDs.

Katie Heid is a Michigander through-and-through. She is a former disc jockey and television reporter who now spends her time teaching college students the art of writing and public speaking while also raising two active boys. See more from Katie at Heid and Seek — A Journey Through the Messy Stuff of Life. This is her first contribution to Michiganders Post.


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