Eight Ways to Eat Like a Michigander This Memorial Day Weekend

by Katie Heid

Chances are your cupboards and refrigerator are brimming with Michigan-made foods – you just didn’t realize it. This Memorial Day, whip up a menu that any Michigander (or anyone just passing through for the holiday weekend) will gobble up.


Design by Midwest Lint, a Michigan-themed t-shirt company

Koegel’s Fine Meats – Why throw any ole’ dog on the grill when you could have a hot dog. One bite of a Koegel hot dog and you’ll never stray. The Flint-based company’s website says Koegel’s has been selling its meats for more than 100 years.

Better Made Potato Chips – This Detroit company boasts using Michigan potatoes (when they’re in season) and has been churning out the crunchy snacks for 80 years.

Vernors – This crisp ginger ale was invented by a Detroit pharmacist and has been making bubbles since 1866. It can come across a little strong initially, but pour it over vanilla ice cream and you’ve got a float that will surpass the root beer version any day.

Jiffy – The Chelsea-based baking company has been selling biscuit, corn bread, brownie, pancakes, and pizza dough mixes since the 1930’s. Their biscuits bake up fluffier than any grandma could make. Here’s a tasty tip — use the biscuits as base for a strawberry shortcake.

Detroit-based Better Made has been selling potato chips in a variety of flavors since 1930.

Detroit-based Better Made has been selling potato chips in a variety of flavors since 1930.

Hudsonville Ice Cream  What started out as a simple farmer co-op in 1895 has grown into a major business. Hudsonville products are supplied to ice cream parlors and grocery stores around the state.In fact, Hudsonville is the official maker of Tiger Traxx ice cream, a sweet treat made in honor of the Detroit Tigers.

Pioneer Sugar – Michigan’s sugar beet industry makes its home in Michigan’s thumb. Use it to sweeten the strawberries on your Jiffy-mix shortcakes!

Fudge – No trip to Michigan is complete without stopping by Mackinac Island – and one of its many fudge shops. Can’t get enough of the chocolaty treat? Head on up to the Mackinac Island Fudge Festival at the end of August.

Cherries – The Traverse City website claims that Michigan produces 70 percent of the country’s cherry harvest. Although the cherries aren’t ready for your Memorial Day festivities, head on up to National Cherry Festival at the start of July.


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