Happy Birthday, Michiganders Post!

by K.M. Zahrt

On August 8, 2013, exactly one year ago today, Michiganders Post was born. When I made the inaugural post, I hoped The Fly Came Near It (FCNI) would grow into what it is today — a full-service independent publishing company with a variety of professional-grade outlets for Michigan and Midwest writers of all talents, interests, and ages.

After countless hours of work by myself and my co-founders, Brandon James Anderson and Evan Wildey, paid only by the promise of progress and for the love of the arts, we have seen FCNI surpass our expectations. At times throughout the past year, when reality would set in, when bill-paying jobs would demand our attention, when family events would rightly take priority, there were moments when each of us questioned the value, the importance, and the viability of our enterprise. But, each time, something remarkable would happen only to demonstrate our progress, to energize us, and to keep us moving forward.

Michiganders Post, our flagship for online and digital publications, has served our mission well. So, today, we say happy birthday to Michiganders Post with a gift:


Forthcoming from The Fly Came Near It in September 2014.

On behalf of my colleagues at The Fly Came Near It and the nearly 20 contributors to Michiganders Post thus far, we are proud to introduce Selected Writings from Michiganders Post, Vol. 1, 2013-14.

The collection will draw from posts published through June 30, 2014, and will feature approximately 30 of the best essays on art, film, food, literature, music, sports, travel, and more. Posts published after this date will be considered for inclusion in volume two. With a planned release date set for September 2014, it will be our third print publication in a little more than a year.

Our fourth print publication, Old Northwest Review, will also appear this fall. We have been pleased to see a robust and diverse pool of submissions roll in. As with Michiganders Post, we believed Michiganders and Midwesterners were producing great writing out there, and we believed much of it was going unpublished due to a lack of outlets. Based on the participation at Michiganders Post and the responses to our call for submissions for ONR, our suspicions have been confirmed.

ONR will not only have the best new fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry from the Midwest, but it will also feature a special interview with an Emmy® Award-winning actor who calls Michigan his home. Look for a preview of that interview to appear on Michiganders Post on Tuesday, August 12, and look for the complete version to appear in ONR this fall.

Thank you to all of our contributors for your hard work. And, thank you to all of our readers for your support. We look forward to another artfully lived year with you, here, in Michigan and the greater Midwest!


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