15 Things You Can Do Now That You Don’t Need to Watch the Lions, Tigers, or Wolverines

Now that you don’t need to watch Lions, Tigers, or Wolverines anymore this fall, you can the get the following chores done:

1. Rake the leaves

Raking Leaves

2. Sweep the chimney

3. Stock up on firewood

4. Clean the gutters


5. Pack up the patio furniture and the grill

6. Winterize the boat and the camper

7. Organize the garage


But seriously, once you have the fall chores in order, you’re going to need something to do. Here are a few options:

8. Join the Stan Van bandwagon early and watch Pistons preseason basketball

(Photo credit: AP)

9. Become a soccer fan or try a new sport, like the luge

10. Go out to a local club in the evenings, perhaps see a comedy show

11. Make maple syrup

Microsoft Word - Pure Michigan, Pure Maple Syrup.docx

DIY Syrup Collector

12. Focus on or take up hunting

13. Try new, local restaurants, like The Grafted Root Eatery in Grand Blanc or Lance’s Bakery in Owosso

14. Catch up on TV shows, like recent fan favorites or the new fall line-ups

Netflix's Bojack Horseman stars Will Arnett as the titular character.

Netflix’s Bojack Horseman starring Will Arnett

15. Pout


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