FCNI Releases Inaugural Issue of Old Northwest Review

ONR 001 - Cover Final - ThumbnailThe Fly Came Near It is proud to announce that the inaugural issue of our literary journal, Old Northwest Review, is now available!

The collection features new poetry and prose that is of, from, and aligned with the culture and aesthetic of the Great Lakes region and the greater Midwest. The issue is now available in paperback for a list price of $12 and will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite independent bookseller.

Featured in the Fall 2014 issue:

-Award-winning actor Jeff Daniels discusses creating The Purple Rose Theatre Company, going from Michigan to Hollywood and back, and playing characters as diverse as Harry Dunne and Will McAvoy in his latest roles.

-Monika Zobel discusses her inspiration for the poetry in her award-winning collection An Instrument for Leaving.

-New poetry from 12 poets, including: “Detroit River, Elizabeth Park” by Marlin M. Jenkins; “Pallbearing a Pregnancy” by Katie Kalisz; and “East of Cincinnati” by Richard King Perkins II.

-New prose from 6 writers, including: “The Lost Art of Hitchhiking (or Better Travels Through Good Communication)” by Jeff Youngquist; and “Confessions of a Failed Yooper” by Erin Anderson.


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