FCNI Announces Release Date for David James’ New Book

MTDC - Dance Floor Cover (REV 2)The Fly Came Near It is proud to announce the release of My Torn Dance Card by David James on Tuesday, March 24, 2015.

With his third book of poetry, David James offers a tribute to all of the loss and love contained in one fully lived life, painting a complex picture of the human experience. My Torn Dance Card is a rich and varied collection that explores the spectrum of emotions surrounding aging and mortality.

“I return to David James to be nourished by the casual depth and characteristic wit abundant in his work. Savoring the poems in My Torn Dance Card, I am struck by the grit within this hard-earned joy and knowledge—his hunt to find love in every crevice of this life, despite any suffering, despite death. ‘Those who live from this moment on, win,’ this book says. And I believe every word.” -Robert Fanning, author of American Prophet

“In My Torn Dance Card, David James works expertly that elemental line between love and death with a bucket list of wantshis dance cardand a comic eye, never once losing an awareness of the ‘fine black mist’ emanating from the abyss or the ‘black crow gliding on air, / Looking for something dead / To eat.’ These are sobering, human poems that guide us to make living choices, punch drunk choices, as we waltz our way out of ‘this glorious world.’ ” -Dennis Hinrichsen, author of Rip-tooth

“There is such hankering for the incarnate in David James’ mighty work in words, tuned as it is to the larger muscles and the nervy parts. Those bound to the nasty, brutish and short are set free by his virtuosity. ‘Behold!’ he beckons: God is likely female; love’s answer, often as not, involves a carp; we could become classic vinyls of singular tunes. A nimble, emboldening, breath-catching, sumptuous collection for which thanks and praise are fitting.” -Thomas Lynch, author of The Undertaking

My Torn Dance Card will be available in paperback for $12 as well as in e-book for $5.99.

David James has published two previous books of poetry. His second book, She Dances Like Mussolini, won the 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Award. He currently teaches at Oakland Community College in Michigan.


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