Considering the Flag Consideration Project

by Brandon James Anderson

If you’re not up to the minute on New Zealand’s domestic affairs, you may have missed the fact that the Oceanic nation is in the midst of a countrywide debate. The issue at hand is whether or not New Zealanders should adopt a new national flag and, if so, what that new flag should be. Since this issue will be taken up in a public referendum, New Zealand’s government has created a website for what it has dubbed the Flag Consideration Project.

It’s probably worth noting that the national flags of New Zealand and its nearby neighbor Australia bare a close resemblance which likely further exacerbates the mistaken belief by some that New Zealand is a state of Australia. It is also noteworthy to mention that this issue has occurred a long history in New Zealand and different proposals for an alternative flag have been put forward over the years. Now, however, citizens are being given the opportunity to submit their own design proposals thanks to the project’s website.

The proposed flags range from historically and culturally profound to status quo to “interesting…”

Given that anyone with a curiously knowledge of Microsoft Paint is able to let their voice be heard through the Flag Consideration Project’s site, it got me thinking about the flag of Michigan. For anyone reading who is not a native Michigander, can you picture the official flag of the Great Lake State? If you are from Michigan, can you describe any details besides its dark blue color and the presence of two deer?

This gem is one of many flag ideas that New Zealanders will be considering.

This gem is one of many flag ideas that New Zealanders will be considering.

In the course of the past decade or so, Michiganders have seen our license plates go from the timeless classic of white text on a blue background to a plethora of options that have mostly moved away from our previously longstanding color scheme.

This transition to integrating different designs and colors to our license plates has gone fairly smoothly, so why shouldn’t we as a state consider taking a page out of New Zealand’s book and have a flag consideration project of our own?

Maybe you feel Michigan’s flag is fine as is. Maybe you’d suggest a small tweak or two. Maybe you have some innovative and creative suggestions. However you feel about it, we’ll leave it up to you, the dear and valued readers of Michiganders Post to submit to us your ideas for a new flag for Michigan.

New Zealanders are considering a new flag. Is it time for Michigan to do the same?

New Zealanders are considering a new flag. Is it time for Michigan to do the same?

Here’s three ways you can submit your flag design:

  • Send us your ideas by email ( with “Michigan flag” in the subject line.
  • If you haven’t already, become a fan of The Fly Came Near It on Facebook and message us with your flag idea.
  • Post your flag idea on Twitter (@MichPost) and use #newmichiganflag as the hashtag.

We’ll take submissions now through the end of July and do a follow up post sometime in late summer and share some of the most interesting ideas we’ve received.


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