Pure (Vintage) Michigan

by Katie Heid

As summer winds down and we trade our sandals for snow boots, it’s natural to pine for things of days gone by. Here are a few Michigan notables that will send you down memory lane:

1.  Yes, Michigan! There’s no doubt that Michigan native Tim Allen and his “Pure Michigan” spots are pure gold. Who doesn’t get teary-eyed hearing Allen wax on about the Great Lakes and Up North? However, every native Michigander is sure to recall one of the most notable tourism campaigns, “Yes, Michigan,” complete with a jazzy sax riff. We dare you not to hum this all day.

2. We’re with you. While the rest of the country went “Krogering,” Michigan residents ran their shopping carts through Kessel. Courtesy of Michigan’s down-to-earth Al Kessel, his supermarkets were known for its low price “sale-a-brations” and his commercials where he shoved baskets of food down the aisle.

3. Dick Fabian. A Mid-Michigan fixture for four decades, Dick Fabian hosted a variety of radio and TV programs. Another feather in his cap included a 2013 induction into the Michigan Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

4. AutoWorld. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but two years after this automobile industry-based theme park opened, Flint’s AutoWorld sputtered to a stop. According to an ABC 12 report, critics called AutoWorld an “$80 million boondoggle.” The building is now part of the University of Michigan-Flint’s campus. It was a fun ride while it lasted.

5. Fred Trost. If you loved hunting and fishing, then Fred Trost was your guide. Every Thursday night for decades, Trost hosted Michigan Outdoors (and eventually Practical Sportsman), wandering the state for trophy bucks and the biggest catch. He passed away in 2007, but his legacy still hits the mark for sportsmen everywhere.


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