The Groomzilla Files #8

by Brandon James Anderson

It’s October 1. My friends, the end of this engagement journey is near. A lot can happen over the course of an engagement and planning a wedding. Issues, both minor and severe, can arise (as they naturally do, I’ve learned). Ideas and thoughts can change. Stress can get the best of one or both of the partners planning the ceremony. Luckily, the latter has not been the case in my situation; though this past year and a half has made me see just how strenous and stressful wedding planning can really be.

Speaking of stress, sometimes two people can be just so crazy that they willingly double down on the rigors and anxiety of planning a wedding by simultaneously going through another major life event. And, naturally, Alli and I were just crazy enough to be two such people this summer when we decided to buy our first house.

Normally, a few months would be more than enough time to fully unpack and feel settled in to a new home. For us, the summer has been consumed with the move itself and the continuous-yet-welcomed responsibility of planning a wedding from a distance.

All of this is to say, of course, that it’s only fair that days out from the wedding I take the time to create a new wedding registry that reflects my current needs as a new homeowner. One that, in other words, focuses more on Black and Decker than my soon to be bride’s bae, Kate Spade.

Without further ado, here’s my new registry. And, since it’s on Amazon, most of these gifts are eligible for 2-day shipping with Prime, just in time for #brandonsbigday. Oh, and while you’re at it, why not tack on some lovely titles from The Fly Came Near It?


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