Jason Lee Brown’s “Masterful Novella” is Now Available!

The Fly Came Near It is pleased to announce the release of Jason Lee Brown’s Championship Run!

CR Floor Cover 3

Available Now!

Friends Jay, JonD, and Think are forever changed after a shared tragedy sends their lives into a downward spiral of guilt and bad decisions.

Championship Run is a masterful novella, and Jason Lee Brown is a magician to have pulled this off: a story that moves backwards, chapter by chapter, opening in the thick of things and leading us, as though by torch, toward the light. Championship Run is ultimately a story about the human heart in peril, and it’s because of Brown’s compassion that I’ll remember these characters long after reading the book’s final page.” -John McNally, author of After the Workshop

“In this compelling novella, Jason Lee Brown deftly captures the lives of men stuck in a gritty Midwestern landscape where options are scarce and love is elusive. There’s a tenderness to the toughness, though, as Brown propels readers backwards in time, revealing layer after layer of loss and shame. I loved these men with their big flawed hearts and their dented trucks and their reckless bravado.” -Anne Panning, author of Super America: Stories

“Jason Lee Brown’s Championship Run is a novella with all the heft and moral impact of a novel. In flinty prose, he reveals the Midwest everyman in all of us and shows us just how unlucky the well-meaning can be, how the lives we live can become more complex than we ever thought they could get, and finally, how inevitable the end always seems.” -Rusty Barnes, author of Reckoning

JLB author photo

Championship Run covers half a decade in the life of three friends, bad men who wish they could be better men, men who look for meaning in sex and drugs and work, and who seem to miss that meaning at every turn. Here’s the story of where the meaning went, a story that is as funny as it is sad, as nightmarish as it is illuminating. This is Donald Ray Pollock country, brought to you by a fresh voice in American fiction.” -David James Poissant, author of The Heaven of Animals

Jason Lee Brown is the author of the novel Prowler: The Mad Gasser of Mattoon and is series editor of New Stories from The Midwest.


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