2016 Issue of Old Northwest Review Available November 22

ONR 003 - Cover A (Green)

Old Northwest Review 2016 – Available November 22

The Fly Came Near It is proud to announce that the 2016 issue of Old Northwest Review will be available beginning Tuesday, November 22.

Old Northwest Review is a literary journal that specializes in publishing poetry and prose that is of, from, and aligned with the culture and aesthetic of the Great Lakes region and the greater Midwest. Since launching with its first issue in the fall of 2014, Old Northwest Review has published the work of more than 50 authors from across the Midwest.

This year’s issue features poetry, fiction, and essays from the following writers:

  • Rita Anderson
  • Patricia Clark
  • Chris Dungey
  • Cal Freeman
  • Trenton Heille
  • David James
  • David Jibson
  • Kenneth Pobo
  • Paul Lewellan
  • Richard Luftig
  • Herbert Woodward Martin
  • Ryan Schnurr
  • Phillip Sterling
  • Rose M. West

The 2016 issue will be available in paperback form and also includes a featured interview with Thomas C. Foster, author of the New York Times bestselling book How to Read Literature Like a Professor.


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