FCNI co-founder and editor K.M. Zahrt releases sophomore novel

The Nature of Plots explores the very nature of modern literature.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Grand Blanc, MI — The Nature of Plots is the second novel from Michigan-based author K.M. Zahrt, published today by The Grand Press.

“K.M. Zahrt has created an intriguing literary mystery,” says Jennifer Porter, fiction editor at The Tishman Review, “studded with nuggets from literature’s great classics.”

The Nature of Plots,” according to Jason Lee Brown, series editor of New Stories from the Midwest and author of Championship Run, “transforms the reader into the world of Samuel Schurke, a doctoral candidate, who embarks on an investigative journey that intertwines his family, friends, and research with the legacy of The Lost Generation.”

The investigative journey in question centers around Samuel Schurke’s grandfather, Leonhard Grundstein, a well-known novelist and a long-time friend of Ernest Hemingway, who may have stolen Hemingway’s early manuscripts that disappeared in Paris in 1922. Sam recently completed his dissertation on Grundstein’s work and only needs to survive the oral defense to get his degree. While he aims to sit tight until his Ph.D. is conferred, he spends his nights with a circle of artists and writers, including Alexandria Lawrence — an alluring, untethered painter — and Montgomery Grudge — a rival doctoral candidate and Hemingway scholar. When he stumbles upon a note written from Grundstein to Hemingway in an old copy of The Sun Also Rises at a public library, he finds himself hot on the trail for lost treasure with everyone he knows, it seems, on his heels — including his elderly aunt, Grundstein’s loyal daughter. As new discoveries emerge, Sam becomes increasingly fearful that the validity of his dissertation, the future of his career, and the reputation of his family hang on every decision he makes.

To honor the untimely death of his good friend and writer, Johnny Lawrence, Sam builds his story upon numerous references to celebrated works of literature, continuing a game he and Johnny often played together.

“In The Nature of Plots, K.M. Zahrt makes the life of a hard-drinking literary scholar in Hemingway country seem pretty darn exciting,” says fellow Michigan-based writer Andy Mozina, author of Contrary Motion and Quality Snacks. “Inventively plotted and laced with romantic encounters that would make James Bond blush, this research thriller takes on the big questions of art, life, and the legacy of The Lost Generation — and delivers a genuine surprise ending.”

K.M. Zahrt is the author of Odd Man Outlaw and Thanksgiving with Pop-Pop. The Nature of Plots is his second novel. He lives in Michigan. For more information, visit www.kmzahrt.info or @KMZahrt on Twitter.

The Nature of Plots
392 pages
The Grand Press
ISBN-13: 978-0692837047
Paperback: $16
E-Book: $9.99

To request a review copy or to schedule an interview with K.M. Zahrt, complete this form.


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