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Michiganders Post invites you, Michiganders, to post.


  1. Your submission should fall into one of eight categories: Arts & Literature, Film, Food, Interviews, Music, Photography, Reviews, Sports, Travel, and Views & Opinions (so pretty much anything goes).
  2. Your submission should be about 1,000 words or less.
  3. Suggestions: links are good; lists are good; and pictures are good — so, include them.
  4. Michigan-themed posts are good, but not necessary. We are interested in a variety of topics, and we assume our readers are as well.
  5. Requirement: Posts should be constructive in nature. Negative views and reviews are only constructive if you offer us something worthwhile to do about them. If you absolutely must rant about something, provide solutions as well.

Submit your post to

Published posts will also be considered for inclusion in our somewhat annual publication Selected Writings from Michiganders Post.



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